Visibility Into Software Development Processes

Gitalytics transforms raw data from your repositories, code reviews and tickets into in-depth, actionable takeaways, enabling you to bring out the best in your software engineers and teams.

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Over 20,000 Software Engineers Empowered Through Gitalytics

Back up your hunches
and feedback with data

Gain valuable insights to proactively provide feedback to teams and management. Gitalytics transforms your repos, code reviews and tickets into easy to understand and usable unified reports.

  • Review data from as far back as your repos and plan type go
  • Communicate engineering efforts with data to stakeholders
  • Compare life cycle of your code over time
  • Validate deliverables of remote teams
  • Get started in minutes, no workflow changes required

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Track how company events impact your team

Make decisions based on context and key events, not just on data. Custom events highlight when the environment, process changes, or other factors impact software engineering output.

  • Track effects of new initiatives and events on work patterns and team dynamics
  • Customize event entries to fit your organization and processes
  • Improve team flow by scheduling meetings at ideal hours
  • Experiment and prove out with small-scale tests before rolling out changes
  • Track trends, patterns and changes within your teams

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Understand engineering
team dynamics

Identify who’s emerging as a leader, power collaborators and if there are resource gaps within your team. Start conversations early and objectively with every member of engineering.

  • Improve 1:1 feedback with objectivity and consistency
  • Identify which contributors are working together for coverage and succession planning
  • Understand who owns what part of the code to plan resources
  • See when your engineers are struggling or require help
  • Track and improve ramp time of new hires

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Catch trouble early, before it becomes a problem

Build custom alerts to monitor abnormalities, unexpected upticks in churn, deviations from team standards, or any other warning signs.

  • Receive alerts to unexpected work patterns, such as commit size
  • Ensure mission critical repos have distributed ownership
  • Delegate code review based on potential impact
  • Prevent shipping delays by catching stale pull requests
  • Push real-time alerts to Slack or your inbox

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Open it up to your entire team

Engineers can use our Pull Request dashboards to determine and assign the most impactful Pull Requests, use the metrics to prepare for 1:1s with their leaders, or see how their metrics are changing over time.

We built the platform to help teams, not pit engineers against each other.

With Gitalytics, I was able to get a strong understanding of the ownership and details of all repositories in minutes. I found out that one of my engineers owned certain repositories exclusively, and was able to mitigate the risk of that by re-distributing work.

Daniel Hopper, CTO

Get visibility you need

We provide important insights into the way your engineering teams work in real-time, as they’re working.

No number crunching

Git-level data from GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket is aggregated and transformed into beautiful reports.

Useful and actionable

Metrics designed to be useful for your engineers, for your leader, and for other team leaders.

Realize your team’s full potential

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